Whether you are a newbie to cycling or an experienced cycling rider, knowing what sportswear you need can be confusing, especially with so many options out there. 

So what cycling suit is right for you? 

The answer is – it depends! 

It depends on your riding preferences, the current weather, and, most notably, what makes you feel good so you can concentrate on enjoying your ride.

In this blog, we'll shed some light on the benefits of trendy cycling suits for women and the key features you must look out for. 

The fabric –

Believe it or not, the fabric is the first thing you must consider. In various cases, you will find that the cycling suit is made out of some variation of polyester. This fabric provides breathability and benefits from wicking or pulling the moisture away from your body so you don't feel cold and wet while cycling.  

Investing in a fabric that enhances breathability, maintains body temperature, and provides UV protection and anti-microbial properties is a wise choice.

Supportive and aerodynamic –

When cycling, a suit that fits close to your body provides support and prevents excess drag caused by flapping fabric. This allows for faster riding with less effort. However, a close fit does not have to be uncomfortable. When selecting a cycling suit, look for sportswear that offers 4-way stretch, meaning the fabric will move and contour with your body.

Fit and comfort –

The fit and comfort of a cycling suit are crucial for a comfortable ride. A cycling suit that is too tight can inhibit movement and can cause chafing, while a loose cycling suit can cause the excess fabric to flutter and create drag. Look for a cycling suit with stretchy, breathable fabrics that wick moisture away from the body to keep you cool and dry. 

Pockets –

The three pockets on the back toward the waist differentiate a cycling suit from other sportswear. These pockets are easy to reach while cycling and are perfect for keeping energy bars, gels, and other small items. 

Breathable, quick-wicking, and fast drying –

The fabric used to make cycling suits is typically a blend of polyester and elastane, making them more breathable and comfortable to wear when cycling. These cycling suits are constructed from high-end technical fabrics that are incredibly breathable and intended to keep you at a comfortable temperature when you're sweating. 

Moreover, these apparel are fast-drying and quick-wicking, quickly transporting sweat away from your body. Thus, you'll never experience the awful sensation of your cycling suit sticking to your back. Therefore, a good quality cycling suit will help to keep you comfortable so that you can enjoy your ride.

So, the aforementioned are some benefits of wearing a cycling suit while riding. If you are in the market and looking for trendy cycling suits for women, you can find them at Sportspot’s online store and order from anywhere in the world. Choose from their wide variety of high-quality, adaptable, and comfortable women's cycling suits at their shop today!