Nearly all sports are fueled by two halves working in perfect harmony – the passion for the sport to keep going and the right gear to support the training and make it a joy. Cyclists prioritise this requirement over all else, for they know the importance and the impact that quality gear brings to the whole experience. But, every sport has some variations to it that distinguish them from a hobby of an enthusiast to a talent of a professional. One of these is mountain biking. MTB is a well-loved adventure sport that has proven to be a paradoxical facilitator of both thrill and relaxation. So, how do you do it the right way? By getting into the right gear. However, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind before you go out to buy MTB shorts. Read on to learn.

There are about two broad categories for cyclists to choose their gear for mountain biking. While many fun-seekers have been contently riding through all terrains in their baggy shorts, or “baggies,” as they’ve come to be called since those who haven’t enjoyed the aftermath of the rides have adapted to dedicated cycling shorts. These cycling shorts provide an array of benefits for any cyclist, irrespective of the terrain or duration of the ride. If you’ve found the right fit and fabric, you’ll forget you’re wearing anything, and that’s as good as any sporting gear goes. “It feels like a second skin” is what most high-intensity sports demand, and quality material and innovative design engineering in mountain bike shorts with liners is what Sportspot delivers. Additionally, the quality fit and material composition also minimize chafing, anti-wicking technology keeps the rider dry and cool on hot days, and padding on the back absorbs some pressure from the saddle. Hence, cyclists can choose from either of the following cycling short types according to the problem they wish to address:

  • Standard shorts – the classic short trouser cut, these are the “baggies” we mentioned before. A relaxed fit of these shorts is great for a novice or a casual cyclist looking for light exercise through the sport.
  • Bib shorts – the perfect companion for long rides and a top choice of pro athletes, bib shorts are a partial vest-and-shorts combination. These are designed with shoulder straps rather than an elasticated waistband to prevent the shorts from riding down.
  • Padded cycling shorts – what have come to be considered a requirement for long-distance cyclists to keep going afar, and often, padded shorts are the right fit. Amazingly, padding in shorts is now available in most cycling shorts styles; thus, you can be benefitted without changing your preferred style.

 The verdict. A good base is a foundation for building on your cycling routine that you enjoy and look forward to. So, always keep the thought of liners and chamois (padding) as your prime requirement in every piece of cycling gear to shop for. Once the necessities are sorted, the exterior layers are purely the rider’s personal preference. Choose a style that is comfortable for your ideal ride and feels good when you put it on, whether it be the MTB baggy shorts or cycling bib shorts. Sportspot has an exclusive collection of innovative designs and quirky colours that feels and looks good on everyone. So, buy mountain bike shorts with liner and make your next excursion a joy ride.