As a bike enthusiast, the impact of choosing suitable cycling shorts and tights for your overall comfort and biking performance can’t be embellished. Cycling shorts and various other cycling accessories like shoes and pedals are designed primarily to make your ride as comfortable as possible. 

This translates to increased riding efficiency and increased performance on how far and fast you go. If you’re looking to take your cycling to the next level with the perfect men’s shorts and tights for cycling, but don’t know how to select the best one, then this guide is sure to help you with this.

Types of Cycling Shorts and tights –

There is a wide range of bike shorts and tights styles and designs, including those that look like regular ones with a padded inner liner. 

Here is an overview of the type of cycling shorts and tights you may find in the market –

Tight or baggy –

Consider selecting tight-fitting cycling shorts and tights if most of your ride time is fast cycling. These may offer the most comfort and aerodynamic fit while biking. If you like spending time on the bike, touring, or commuting by bicycle, and need pockets, you need to consider buying “baggy shorts and tights” with an inner liner.

Padded shorts and tights –

Padded shorts are generally made from chamois or synthetic material, and offer the most comfort and aerodynamic fit while cycling. The padding in these shorts and tights can range from thick to thin layers, with triathlete shorts having the lightest pad so that one can have complete comfort and can lessen the chaffing abrasions.

Panels, waistbands, and bibs –

These shorts offer shoulder straps rather than an elastic waistband. After hours of riding with a hunched-over posture, some riders find this cycling apparel design most comfortable.

Inseam length –

These cycling shorts and tights are long enough to stay in place and prevent chaffing of the inner thigh on the saddle. These can give added warmth to the knees during winter and fit snugly against your skin, thus restricting airflow to the surface of your body to allow for cooling.

How can you search for the best pair of cycling shorts and tights?

One of the simple ways you can choose a pair of men’s shorts and tights for cycling is to search for the brand of your favorite cycling shorts and see whether they offer a similar design in tights. Apart from this, you need to check the quality and effectiveness of the chamois and fabrics and the comfort while selecting the best one. The chamois should be dense without being too bulky, able to wick away sweat, and tailored to the rider's gender for the best possible fit. Be sure that it is made of a material that effectively blocks wind, repels water, and prevents perspiration from sticking to your skin.

Apart from this, if you want to stay dry over your thighs and knees while still being able to move your legs freely, search for tights or shorts with strategically positioned panels.

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