You probably just bought a bike and getting started in the fascinating world of cycling. Cycling is a great way to remain in shape, meet new people, explore new areas, and, most importantly, have a blast!

You might now be wondering about the odd clothing that bikers wear, especially men's shorts and tights for cycling. Every biker has, at some point, been in your position. We have seen other cyclists-men riding while wearing Lycra and have wondered whether we could bring ourselves to do the same. But here's the thing: as you've learned to cherish the time you spend riding your bike, you've probably concluded that the problem isn't looking good in your baggy cargo shorts; it's how much your butt hurts! Even after only short rides!

So what's the solution?

Cycling Shorts & Tights

The main goal of cycling shorts is to make your bike rides more comfortable. They're made for men, and they have special padding in the right places and seams positioned smartly to prevent skin irritation, especially during long rides over 10 miles.

These shorts are snug and made from stretchy materials like Lycra and spandex to minimize wind resistance and allow you to move freely on your bike. High-quality cycling shorts use advanced sports materials that help keep you cool, protect you from the sun, and shield you from the wind's chill. The key features of well-crafted, high-quality cycling shorts are no seams in the crotch area and extra padding to prevent chaffing and discomfort while cycling.

Things to consider when purchasing the first pair of men's shorts and tights for cycling

Budget: Cycling bibs and shorts can cost anywhere from $20 to $300, so try to set a budget based on your riding style before shopping. The fabrics and chamois get better and more sophisticated as the price goes up.

Tight or Baggy: If you want to do cycling mainly on the road over long distances, tight-fitting shorts are recommended. They provide the best fit and comfort. The ideal option may be "baggy" mountain bike shorts with a liner if you spend a lot of time off the bike, commute or tour by bicycle, need pockets, or care more about the style of the shorts than your cycling speed.

Waist Band or Bib: All professional and elite cyclists prefer to wear bib shorts with shoulder straps over those with an elastic waistband. This lessens tightness and pain in the belly, and you won't ever experience any shifting or movement when riding (i.e., sliding down). Some people favor wearing bib shorts, while others favor wearing ordinary shorts. It's all up to the person and what they desire. If you prefer classic cycling shorts, consider getting some with a yoga-style waistband, which is intended to be cooler and less constrictive.

Inseam: There are numerous inseam lengths available for cycling shorts. However, the majority of cyclists choose an inseam that is just above the knee. The shorts are perfect for spin class, triathlons, and getting a nice tan. Longer inseams are more stable and stop the inner thigh from chafing against the saddle.

Color: Cycling shorts come in just about every color, pattern, and style imaginable. Choosing what appeals to you should be dependent on your personality.


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