Wearing a cycling jersey is the trademark of anyone following the cycling culture and lifestyle. However, they are not only for aesthetics but also affect the cycling experience in many ways. With seasonal changes, you also need to upgrade your cycling gear, including cycling wear. As the winter season will be over soon and summers are fast approaching, you might want to buy a new cycling jersey and shorts. 

Here are the top factors you need to consider when choosing cycling wear:

  • The fit

  • When buying a new cycling jersey and shorts, choosing the right fit is the top-most factor. It is crucial to consider that the standard fit may not be the best choice for everyone. After all, we all have a unique body type. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully take your own measurements and find the right fit that snugly fits your body. Make sure not to choose an exact tight fit as it may cause chafing. You need to consider three main factors when looking for the right fit: the length, chest width, and fabric cuts. It is recommended to carefully go over the size guide and specifications before choosing the jersey.

  • Type of jersey

  • There are many different types of jerseys available for different cycling purposes. For example, if you are considering entering a bicycle race, you may need to buy a cycling jersey designed for speed and efficiency. On the other hand, if you are in a cycling club and like to go for cycle rides as a hobby, it would be best to buy a relaxed fit with loose-fitting to allow optimum movement. However, if you are passionate about cycling and training to enhance your cycling performance, you may want to buy a fitted jersey.  

  • Fabric material

  • Each cut of cycling jerseys is usually made with different fabric materials. It is best to choose lightweight and breathable fabrics such as Italian polyester, especially if you are a passionate rider who likes to go for long rides frequently. Although if you enjoy relaxed cycle rides with your cycling club members, you may consider buying a comfy cycling jersey with a softer fabric that will not be tough on your skin. However, it is crucial for avid riders to invest in cycling jerseys made with high-stretch fabric for best performance. For example, the full sleeve cycling jerseys from SportSpot made with Robex Lycra Fleece (100% Italian Polyester) are excellent for avid cyclists. They are durable, lightweight, breathable, and won’t look worn out even after many washes.

  • Style

  • And, of course, who doesn’t want to look attractive while riding? Therefore, it is best to invest in a high-quality cycling jersey rather than a cheaper one. SportSpot is a leading brand offering the most extensive selection of fashion-forward and high-performance cycling wear. Our cycling wear is designed with lightweight and comfortable style fabrics perfect for those long hot rides. In addition, our cycling jerseys feature flatlock seams, high cut, strong full-length zippers that give it an excellent finish, and elastic pockets at the back for bottles, foods, and other spares you may want to carry.

    If you want to buy a cycling jersey with a modern design that reflects your style and is durable to withstand summer heat, keep you cool, and dry, explore our wide range of cycling wear at SportSpot today!